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In other #motherlandvoyage news. This is Larry, captain of that boat, Blue Star. I didn’t want to tell you until we actually left, but I’ve found a boat and we’re heading for Sri Lanka via the Andaman Islands (!). This is why I can’t sort out any more lankan visa stuff until I get there, we’re off! Larry and the crew are a real nice bunch as you might be able to guess from this Mark Twain quote. Which is just as well, as I haven’t been able to find another boat who’d take me in 6 months searching 4 countries along the way. Wish us fair winds folks. #reversemigration #smile #blessings #Australia #Thailand #srilanka #overland #sailing #yess (at nai yang beach, Phuket)

Shattered. #motherlandvoyage. Passport back from the agent after 5 days, specified I wanted an entry visa for temp residency. Came back from #Bangkok with the wrong one - the free online tourist visa I could have got myself. Arg. Not sure who along the line made the mistake. That was my last chance. #Thailand #SriLanka #Australia #reversemigration #visa #visarun (at Emotion Travel)

Where are you really from? On understanding casual racism in Australia.



“Where are you from?” I get asked all the time, so I say “Adelaide”, then they say “But where are you really from?” And I say, “I’m really from Adelaide”.

They don’t really want to know I’m from Adelaide, what they really want to know is ‘what’s your racial background’.

They want to know because of the color of my skin. Like hundreds of thousands of my fellow Australians, I’m of mixed race.

You may think what’s the harm in asking the question. You may ask what’s wrong with wanting to know my racial background. Or why I can’t just tell them what they want?

Here’s why, and it goes to the heart of something called ‘casual racism’.

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The stand.

Just did my first #SriLankan radio interview via phone, on the boat. Kinda looked like this, (pic:Loic) I’ll put up the audio somewhere shortly. Feels good to be getting attention well before I get there, croc fever got on their request rotation. Thx @maarionelsz for hookups and Yazmin/ YesFM #SriLanka #crocfever #livevocallooping #radio #boatlife (at หาดในหาน (Nai Harn Beach))

Wheel of truth. Two exploded tubes this morning after some unconventional folding #bike trail riding, my hitch ride dropped me off at the #mechanic s. They hijacked my phone and I thier wheel truing stand. Both myself and the wheel was rusty-as at this, but got there eventually #repair #fixed #diy #bikemechanics #bicycle #smile #win #wheel #true #visarun #motherlandVoyage #Thailand @omafiets @olivercashman @matt_d_ward (at Kuraburi Pier)

At long last. I made friends with #Cashew Apple this afternoon, they’re right on harvest here now. Super astringent, fragrant and.. Tough chewy mangoey, even on a few different ones. I know there is a complex and possibly toxic/hazardous process to get it to the dried but we know - but don’t know much about that yet - do you? #ranong #visarun #foodie #food #tropocal #nut #Thailand (at Wat Ban Ngao | วัดบ้านหงาว)

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