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I’ve never been bumslapped whilst performing before. Let alone by someone this small. Continuing a lil three night residency at the Siam View tonight. With suprise guests, apparently. Then some playin at the super chilled Hideaway tomorrow. Yes, I could get used to a bit of these ‘working holidays’ from colombo. Mm mmm. #ArugamBay (at Siam View Arugam Bay)

I was wondering about #Tamil #hiphop then I was onstage at the cross cultural future leaders conference with RazOmar doing the beat box backing to his slammin Tamil #rap track. Word. Looking forward to more RazOmarrr. My set was a funny mess, the language/accent barrier was significant so songs with wild dog howls went down the best. As you often do with short sets- I was itching to play some more with this fun crowd. Big ups Unique Sounds who also did @pechakuchanight_colombo for flawless sounds again #SrilankaUnites #conference #ampara #reconciliation #trilingual

Over the tipping point! Thankyou! That covers 18 months of study. Some payments are coming in already. We’re going for three years which is $3000 or 150%. (at Maharagama Bus Station)

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