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Over the tipping point! Thankyou! That covers 18 months of study. Some payments are coming in already. We’re going for three years which is $3000 or 150%. (at Maharagama Bus Station)

Jus gimme a puuush! Thx @suensen! for edging us down the diving platform form today. We’re about to dive into the deep blue sea, strecth goal coming with certainty!! @pozible @tessa_rex @mirazmirrorz @cityhippyfarmgirl @citymountaingoat @auscouncilarts @breakawayfunding @ginnos @tisimonster @travmarke #crowdfunding #mothertongueknowledge (at Maharagama -)

Ridin the crowdfund Highway. #mothertongueknowledge #crowdfunding @pozible #lka. Thx @katrinaschwarz9 and Sunara for this moment at Goethe-Institut, for the #Musicmattersfestival launch. #srilankan #srilanka #Australia #culture #language #instafun #photooftheday #instagood #instaspam #bestofig #motherlandvoyage #larrythill #livevocallooping
THANKYOU for your support so far, pls regram / share with cool tags: @honeyriderr @cityhippyfarmgirl @pasi_udawatte @amandapalmer @john_c0nnor @nazeemhussain @tisimonster @jesuspimp @tanyaswellofsnaps @rosie_henshaw @travmarke @theyogahobo @illfiggram @resonantaromatics @rachelbythestream @t.mny @karenuncanny @iamsrilankan @inthefinite @omafiets @pataphysics @pozible @aamerrahman @artistasfamily @silverkatt @marinasaggers @crocosauruscove @d_boom @gunell_m @lapkat @lunaterrace @andyandy84 @lyallmoloney @jerikablack @bindikat @bethanygracereeves @binnyjk @cocomeacham @rainbowabyss @maarionelsz @travmarke (at Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka)

This is the first morning I’ve woken to the same figure as that night before. Is this the infamous post - launch lull? Can we keep up the energy? Don’t be shy with 1, 2, 5 or 10 dollars. It’s alot of rupees. I’m also rediscovering perhaps the most powerful button in the fb app. Logout. But I can still post to you from the gram. Muhuahaha. #rollin #mothertongueknowledge #crowdfunding #pozible #lka

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